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suze intruder use a hatchett
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home invasion in the bay area. >> plus classroom not what you think. student sets up a sting think. student sets up a sting to catch a teacher. stay with
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>> live breaking news. >> good evening i'm dan ashley.. breaking news is over our heads tonight. tu see it? there are reports tonight of possible meteor in the bay are area. we get phone calls and tweet lighting up the internet tonight. all saying they saw something blue streak across the bay area sky. most say whatever it was didn't last long. few example aaron said she saw it market and fifth in san francisco. intense colorful. angela says she was on 280 when she saw a bright
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falling star. and kept floating in fairfield says there was a trail of blue white light for about 10 maybe 20 seconds afterwards. if you snapped a picture of this possible meet why are whatever it is we would certainly love to see it and share witness our viewers. send it to you report at kg o dash >> meanwhile all of this comes as more than 1,000 people recover from injuries after a massive meteor exploded and crashed to earth in russian a.scientist say never before have so many people been injured. mostly from the shock wave as it came in the at mont months fear. abc news reporter is in moscow tonight with the latest. >> it came out of nowhere. bright speck in the sky. soon streaking across the horizon. followed by an almost apocalyptic scene. blinding flash of light and then all hell broke loose. >> explosion. shattering windows. knocking the office
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workers to the ground. these students were lucky. protected by curtain from the flying glachlts and these men barely escaped the blast. in the streets pandemonium. terrified resident thought the world was ending. >> people started to panic. somebody screamed the end of the earth he says. chaos of the meteor captured on cell phone dashboard camera of cars so popular here in russian a.blast was so powerful it knock down a wall of this factory. it all over 1200 people injured mostly from broken glass. 3000 buildings damaged over 1 million square feat of glass shattered. many were injured after going to the window to check out the flash in the sky. glass shattered bounced back on me. beard cut up the man says. meteor believed to be about 50 feet weighed weighing a whopping 7 7700 tons. that's about the same as the ivl tower. it
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raced towards earth and 40,000 miles per hour as it crashed into the atmosphere it began to break into pieces causing the boom. sending those powerful shock wave towards the ground. rocking zone stretching hundreds of miles away. those shock wave causing all of the damage. as for the pieces of the meteor bigger chunk landing here. leaving that massive hole in the frozen lake. >> now the meteor last blasted out of space without warning on the same day we watched an asteroid fly by earth. had it come directly at us nothing we could have didn't but local foundation wants to change that in the years ahead. here's wayne. >>reporter: it happened when most of us thought we had the unpredictable universe at bay. now the resident in russia and rest of us for that matter know better. you might think of it as a cosmic warning shot headline stealer from the much larger daous 2012 da 14.
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which missed earth as expected by 17,000 miles today. relative but unsettling part. >> 20 years ago if da 14 influence by the earth we wouldn't have known it, hence the project based out of mountain view. plan to launch a privately financed deep space telescope called sent nechlt would it map space giving earth decade of advance warning rather than a year a month or even a few seconds lake we saw did. ceo former nasa restaurant ed lou who said it would have made a difference if it was on impact course with earth. >> with 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years of notice it's pretty straight forward to deflect an asteroid. >> that's what we would have had with today big wuchbility it could have wiped out an area as largely as our own. that's why the b.6 12 foundation hoping to raise public donation of 4 50 million dollars. small price they say compared with paying for the alternative. >> how could we let our
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civilization or parts of our civilization or huge parts of our city or whatever go away. be destroyed if we could have done something about it. >> one other interesting note. government funded think tank called the ram institute concluded if we learned this asteroid were headed to earth and couldn't stop it that it would end all life here, the public should not be notified. institute suggest telling people only that there's something we can do about it. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. jeans. >> we have if you details tonight about the death of a fugitive ex cop. christopher dorner. investigators now believe he killed himself by shooting himself in the head ass holed up cabin. dorner died tuesday in the cabin in the san bernardino mountains. the resident old family who owns the cabin saw the burned out rubble up close. dorner held jim and karen hostage tuesday when they showed up to clean their cabin. the sheriff's department is defending deputy from criticism
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that dorner hid out right under their noses. >> left the door unlocked so maintenance man could come in and check the residence and work on it. appears at that point that dorner had already entered the residence and locked the door behind him. our deputy knocked on the door did not get an answer and in hindsight probably a good thing that he did not answer based on his actions before and after at event. >>reporter: autopsy will determine dorner official cause of death. >> now to home invasion robbery in san francisco. not just any home invasion. this with a hatchett. happened in up scale neighborhood in noe valley area of the city where the kind of crime never expected. story tonight from 7 news reporter thomas. >>reporter: he let them in no forced entry we know of. safe neighborhood coordinator for 300 block of 27 street in noe valley he says he's known the victim who lived in the house for more than 25 years. >> he's had encounter with
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other house guests who have threatened and hurt him. so this is not this is not isolated incident. >>reporter: san francisco police are calling the incident that happened 10:30 thursday night home invasion robbery. police say 3 men broke into the house and attacked 69-year-old resident while he slept with hatchett. then attacked his roommate. >> victim was brutally attacked in his own place. by the suspects. the victim had no time to react and just did the best to defend himself and as you can immanuel the second victim coming home walking into a home invasion in progress was also viciously attack. >>reporter: reasons for the attack differ from the police report what neighbors experienced happening in the victim home in the past this attack troubles tom who lives few houses down from the victi victim. he says the neighborhood is closely guarded by residents. >> i'm stunned more than anything because you just didn't anticipate that this would ever happen on our block. and i don't know what really to make of it because it just seems so out of the ordinary.
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>>reporter: that's thomas reporting. >> santa clara man formally charged today with 10 felony that include threatening the life of state senator yee he made the first court appearance today. everett also charged with possession of destructive did he vase and explosive material. an engineer will be back in court next week to enter a plea. meanwhile investigators comb through his santa clara home for the fourth straight day. neighbors asked to stay inside while the home just in case police find any more destructive did he advises. >> veteran teacher in the central valley is accused of stealing from students backpacks. this happened in lyndon in san joaquin county. teach is on administrative leave as tim explains she was photographed with a cell phone that was placed in a locker room by a student who suspected that the thefts were happening. >>reporter: students tell that you say employee is a teacher in the video she goes through a pink backpack and appears to find money. it's not obvious if she takes something from the
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backpack on the left. >> there is an employee that is being currently being investigated based on the vide video. >>reporter: lyndon superintendent michael gonzalez won't say much about the alleged theft only that an employee is now on paid leave while the district invest gaichlts he does say that employee has been with the district for nearly 30 years. >> as an adult there's expectation of professionalism. that you hold for your employee and all as adults. >> that's the teacher right there. >>reporter: daniel snyder a senior instantly recognizes the teacher. an says the video is a hot topic on campus. >> i think that's terrible. i mean someone her for so long shouldn't be doing something like that. >>reporter: person familiar with how the video is captured says students notice things missing when they return from p e so one day a student hid in the locker troom see what was happening. that have a camera was set up to record. news 10 tried several possible phone numbers and an e-mail address
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for the employee being investigated but we got no response. the woman has not been arrested and so her name isn't being released by authorities. news 10 is not naming her either. and for now we are blurring the video to not show her face. this is being investigated by the san because keen county sheriff's office. once all of the victims and witnesses have been interviewed then goes to the da for possible charges. in lyndon, tim daly abc 7 news. >> more to bring you. new technology set back for the dmv. coming up after years of computer crashes they have now given up on silicon valley solution. >> plus picturesque marin county a piece of military machinery where we are used to seeing war zone. why the sheriff says they need it. >> and what about our warm winter weather? experience here with the forecast for the weekend. >> okay can. one more day of spring like warmth then back to cool damp unsettled. i
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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. he a. >> state of california has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to overhaul the aging computer infrastructure but now a third state agency is bailing on that overhaul because? it just does not work. this time it's the dmv system. annette has the story from
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sacramento. >> 200 million dollar effort to overhaul dmv 40-year-old computer system that processes driver's license and vehicle registration has been halted. after 7 years 135 million taxpayer dollars only the driver's license portion is close to getting done. >> we thought it was a time to bring the project to end because they couldn't get to agreement on how to finish it out e-the stalled dmv project the latest in a string of high profile technology blunder that has pwlaiingd the state government. last we can comptroller fired the contractor charged with the 400 million dollar upgrade. safe payroll system because years behind schedule cripple the original estimate and doesn't work. last year after doling out half billion dollars the court pulled the plug on the effort to electronically connect every courthouse in the state when the cost ballooned to 2 billion dollars. >> ironic that california being the birth police of high tech
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industry can't seem to get its act together. >> but the state technology chief says they do have some successes. california is the first state to have a mobile app store. on line voter registration system kick off last fall and family friends can make on line reservation to visit an inmate. carlos admits though the state may too big for certain projects. >> technology project in and of themselves can be pretty complex undertaking but when you take on some of the scope scale of california they are risky. >> it doesn't make project easy. washington we heard from some of the people in the private sector is the state will ask for something but then change their mind later on they are not clear as to what they really want. state will be evaluate what to do next and court and dmv project. state controller has said he will sue the payroll contractor to get some of the taxpayer money bac back. in sacramento this the is abc 7 news.
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>> facebook take said it was recently the target of a series of attack by sophisticated hac hacker group social networking site says user information was not compromise sod if you are on facebook know that. attack was discovered last month. it follow as cyberattack on twitter earlier this month that potentially compromised the brave situation of 250,000 twitter users. >> weekend has arrived. experience has just pulled up to the desk. forecast looks pretty nice. >> really nice especially tomorrow. sunday looks is in and cooler then. but we have great weather coming our way. once again here's live view from the high definition east bay hills camera lacking back over the bay on this clear evening. and relatively milder on the bay area. let's look at the live doppler 7hd we have cloud free sky at the moment and that means we'll have some cooler weather during over nature hours but today was super mild. high pressure well into the 70's from many location 72 at move it field.
9:19 pm
80 degrees was high today. santa cruz 71 her at san francisco. warmer than most of our summer days as a matter of fact even at this hour we still have mild conditions with temperature reading in the 50's and 60's 61 here at san francisco. 63 across the bay and oakland. cool in parts of the north bay 49 in napa. 45 in fairfield. the forecast feature are these. sunny mild again tomorrow. cooling begins on sunday but only by few degrees and chance of rain monday night into tuesday. pacific satellite image large ridge of high ridge that brought a mild pattern last if you day as region shifts eastward. making ramp for the approaching cold front that brings us rain on monday night and tuesday. tomorrow even see some thin high clouds coming up from the south. skenlly a season difficult tomorrow. and hears the system well and at the moment it will arrive on monday night and that will bring us monday nature into tuesday. so be wet day tuesday for sure. with much cooler weather as well. over tonight
9:20 pm
tonight chill in the interior valley. north bay with low in the mid to upper 30's. we'll see 40's in most other locations. and then tomorrow south bay high under sunny skies. low 70's. 71 at campbell and saratoga on the peninsula look for high of 68. redwood city scenement palo alto mid upper 60's on the coast. at pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco have high of 67 tomorrow. we see 65 degrees in the sun set district up in the north bay 68 sonoma and napa and santa rosa. on east bay we see high of 67 at berkeley. 68 san leandro. 70 at castro cell and fremont. inland east bay high in the upper 60's to about 70 at walnut creek and danville and near monterey bay see high up to about 70 near the bay. low 70's inland at gilroy holster and is a leap as. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. more mild day. pleasant day on send cooler by few degrees. more cloud on monday which is president day
9:21 pm
and then we start to cool down and gets wet on tuesday. rainy showering day. cool on wednesday as well and then unsettled weather for remain dear of the week. return cooler and stay that way for awhile. >> fore father pleased. president day. >> that eric. >> thanks very much. >> come up next why conservative senator mcconnell wants to legalize him. >> some of the defining images of 2012. some remarkable shots really. a little pig who wasn't given much of a chance. but is now thriving. 7 news at 9 continues right
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. >> san francisco police say officer who shot at stolen car suspect was protecting himself and others as the car drove up on to the sidewalk to avoid spike strip put down to flatten the tires. started finance okay last night when police spotted stolen town car market and eighth street. police put down the spike strip but the driver veered on to the curb to the avoid them and then a big crash where involved in 4 car crash that was really quite violent. 5 people sen to the hospital as a result. the person in the car was is now under arrest. mean time shooting that turned into police stand off ended quietly tonight in oakland. sky 7 hd shows you the scene earlier at somewhat avenue and 65 street just east of the ashby bart station. police say man shot around 1 12:30 this afternoon in west oakland but survived the wawnd. he knew the accusedtold them we person barricaded inside an
9:26 pm
apartment above a nail salon. s.w.a.t. team fired flash bang grenade and stormed the apartment. no be was inside. >> marin county rest didn't take aim at new armored vehicle purchased by the sheriff's department. this is the truck in question. it is a bear cat ge rescue vehicle. can withstand 50 caliber gunfire. explosion from things like roadside bomb. quoms a 370,000 dollar price tag. critic say the money could have been better spent elsewhere. but county officials again in marin say the armored vehicle could be used region wide in case of terrorist attack. >> know the golden gate bridge and oil refinery in richmond are targets for terrorism. in such an instant we have this now to help them. >>reporter: bear cat purchased with money from homeland security grant and not the county general fund. marin will join 66 other california counties with similar vehicles by the way. >> more to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00 as we continue.
9:27 pm
abc 7 news i team track down imposter who makes outrageous claim. >> he was the one that actually shot osama bin laden. >> you bought that? >> no. >> talk to you about your navy seal background. >>reporter: comingp up. some people who believed his story and got burn. dan has the and got burn. dan has the report and another half hour ofd
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>> all right. what was it that is the question we may have some answers. a lot of people tweeted and called us about seeing lights in the sky over the bay area tonight as you look at live picture. those lights are long gone but the questions remain and to answer some of the questions i'm delighted to have on the phone with me conrad john with the space and science center and
9:31 pm
actually leif for us. we can see your face conrad thanks for coming on i appreciate it. >> very welcome. >>reporter: first of all what were those lights that people saw over the bay area tonight. -- well unfortunately denial tall signal locking up a littl little. conrad give me a try again. can you tell me what the lights were? >> okay. i didn't witness the lights myself. but a neighbor of mine who was driving home saw them and what he describes is what we call a fire ball. and a fire ball is a very, very bright example of a meteor streaking across the sky. >>reporter: and it's fascinating because coincidentally this comes a day after what happened in russia where a meteor impacted and exploded over a rural area of russia injuring 1,000 people and you are gathered at the science center rate now to watch the asteroid that whis whizzed past earth. 17,000 meals away. kind of odd this
9:32 pm
is all happening at once. is there any connection at all. >> would i call it a rather interesting cosmic coincidence. the not something potential or figure like that or connected just a happy coincidence. meteor fall from the sky. all the time. but most of the time they may not be very bright and so you don't notice them. but the ones you saw over the last couple day were his rather exceptional. >> all right so good to know that's what this was tonight was meteorite zipping across the sky didn't impact early probably. what is happening at the science center tonight. you are allowing people to watch the asteroid as it moves away from earth now right? >>reporter: that's correct. it had closest approach earlier today. just a little before noon. so which was day lit for
9:33 pm
us but we have been watching it now sense about 7:45 or so and we are continuing to watch it. >>reporter: fascinating stuff. we have a all right on that on 7 news at 11:00. we have a craw over there with you. thank you so much conrad john with the space science center in oakland. thanks for coming on. happy star gazing. >> very, very welcome. >>reporter: thank you my friend. again that's what it was tonight with some sort of meteorite sibing across the sk sky. people saw and reported to us. moving on. former lake tahoe bartender used a bogus story that he's the most deck ateed navy seal of all time and he's used the story to cash in big. aj dick invery convincin convincing. so convincing that he talked his way into part of a 300 million dollar security contract. dan with an exclusive abc 7 news i team investigation. >> 56-year-old aj dick invery good at telling a story even when they knows it's not true.
9:34 pm
that he's a highly decorated member of the special forces navy seal. >> my wife and i met aj at the sports bar in lake tahoe and he was a bartender. >>reporter: unlike most real navy seals i met harry says dick instance quick to talk about the exploit and he wore the decree depositional openly. >> he had on his i'll call it his navy seal hat with a tried interest on the brim and a little identification button on the side with a rank. >>reporter: vested a tv producer who thought dick instance experience could make a good documentary. aj closed the teal with this 214. discharge papers saying dick instance served 35 years in naval special warfare. 2 91 classified central intelligence operation. vietnam. panama. iraq. awarded bronze star silver star navy cross 2 purple heart. 6 counter terrorist service medal. 9 presidential
9:35 pm
citation. >> give me the one sentence pitch on the documentary. what was the documentary going to b be. >> soldier story based open what he gave us. most highly decorated navy seal in the history. of the navy seal. >> you paid him the money. >> it's just over 50,000 dollars. >>reporter: after signing away rights to his life story dick instance began sending page pop page of suggested plot line. he wrote i have answered questions on regular basis about what it is like to be a seal. what it is like to be in combat. manneden humanity to man and deal with the horror of war. the story is my best recollection. but he was doing his own research and uncovered a troubling fact. something i verified with the national personnel records center. that aj dick never serve add day in any branch of the u.s. military. biggest lie yet came when vest tried to confront dick face-to-face. >> he was the one that actually
9:36 pm
shot osama bin laden. >>reporter: you bought that. >> no. i gnaw that this was a charade at that point. there was no question about it. >>reporter: let me talk to you about your navy seal backgroun background. >> i don't have a safe seal background. >>reporter: you told a lot of people that dew point. >> no i did not. >>reporter: when i tracked him down in southern california last week aj wouldn't stop long enough to look at the records i compiled on him. all the phoney facebook postings. e-mail with the tall taechlt fake discharge papers. contract he signed with vest gaivrn teeing he's a navy seal. you have a license of people claim you scammed them out of a lot of money. >> no. >>reporter: aj next target? the carson city, nevada airpor airport. public hearing last may the airport commission thanked mr. dick for his service as u.s. navy seal and granted use of hang or for the new self-defense class. >> punch punch. dual punch. eye gouge. head butt. >>reporter: again based on
9:37 pm
skills he supposedly learned as navy seal. >> clear it. come around and shoot. >>reporter: he recorded all of these promotional video and started running weapons training for sports men in the nevada desert. that attracted increasingly bigger fish. surgeon brian and geing took lessons hopinging to improve hunting skills. i asked what is your become ground. i'm navy seal then i went in the cia after i retired from the seals. >> he can be very charming very engaging. i think he's a typical con man. he presents a face that is kind of draw you in. doctor soon became investors in dick innew venture called global security and logistics. how much money did you gave aj. >> 375,000. >>reporter: how about you brian. >> about the same amount. look 400,000 dollars. he used the money to go after the biggest payday of all. part of a 300 million dollar contract with
9:38 pm
the nation to provide security for construction project. for the i team, abc 7 news. >> dick instance conduct on the trip had his group fearing for their lives. you get that story tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. dan will have that. >> southern california man who played with the u.s. national soccer team today revealed he's gay and says he's quitting his sport. rob rodgers says had he to choose between himself and being a soccer player. his blog he writes football was my escape. my purpose. my identity yet football hid my secret. rodgers now needs to step away and discover himself away from football or as we say soccer. >> olympic track star oscar has been formally charged with murdering his girlfriend. double amputee who ran on blades in london appeared in court in south africa. he bowed his head and sobbed as the judge read the charge. yesterday his girlfriend 30-year-old model reef a was
9:39 pm
shot and killed inside his home. prosecutors say they will pursue a premeditated murder dear charge against him. he says is innocent. swedish photographer won the world press photo award for 2012. wing photo shows 2 children killed in is israeli mission strike in gaza city. jurors say the contrast of the anger and the sorrow of the adults with innocence of the children makes it a picture worth remembering. it's stunning. >> other winning image routed in the gaza conflict. man kis kissing the hand of relative who died. school children walking beten debris of damaged school. woman in syria crying after the syrian army shelled her house killing her husband and 2 children. grief in her eye so clearly. >> woman in kenya taking a break from pecking up the trash. such a stark scene that is. >> and jockey strapped to bull and clutching their tail during competition in indonesian. some of the amazing shots of 2
9:40 pm
2012. drastic spending cut lickly to happen in a couple week. coming up next our political reporter mark looks into how re[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> wal-mart stock dropped like a rock today. fell close to 3 percent after bloomberg news quoted internal memo that said february sales were quota total disaster. executives blame the drop on an increase payroll tax and delayed tax returns. wal-mart scheduled to report fourth quarter earnings next week. >> senate minority leader mcconnell push to go legalize hemp the plant that produces marijuana of course. he says during these tough economic times the legislation has potential to create jobs and provide a boost to kentucky economy and to our formers and
9:44 pm
their family. hemp can be made in fabric rope even soap paper and plastic a number of products. mcconnell bill would remove hemp from the same illegal drug c lsd, heroin and ecstacy. >> unless congress acts mandatory federal spending cuts are lakely to go in effect two week from today and tonight we learned how big an impact they can have in the bay area. mark has the details. >>reporter: uc sf more money from the national institute of mental health health than any other public university in the country. 500 million dollars a year. pay off in the bay area has been enormous. >> some of the early discovery that went that how you manipulate jeans went in to creation of technology that started this company. >>reporter: school associate vice chancellor of research says if this takes place 28 million will be cut from this year budget. one project on the chopping block research
9:45 pm
into lowering bloop to reduce the risk of stroke. >> very highly rated project. great investigators should be funed won't be funded. >> investment by medical research. >>reporter: whole world is in competition on this an we will cut our investment to buy medical research? >> today congressional democrat push back against the 85 million in cuts that take effect march first longer lines at the airport because tsa will furlough security inspectors and border patrol could lose 5000 agents and 70,000 children from low income family kick out of head start. and defense spending will push thousands of workerers in california into unemployment. >> republican party in the congress is dominated by anti-government idea. >>reporter: pelosi says republicans want the cuts and some certainly are cheering them on. >> not only should the sequester stand. many pundit say it's far short. we need 4
9:46 pm
trillion i don't know dollars in cut. >> won't be any easy off ramp on this one. the day of 11th hour negotiations are over. >> uc sf i don't know son says it seems incredible that congress puts on an economic growth. >> the bay area relied on here that cavalry lied on really fun mental to the whole country. i hope not. >>reporter: a little back and forth going on between republican and democrat in congress over who came up with the sequester idea in the first place. and the credit or the blame goes to the obama white house. it came in the middle of the 2011 fight over the debt ceiling. white house thought this is such a bad deal it will actually force congress that compromising on deficit reduction. well the xro miss never came now the sequester is here. deadline march first. in the newsroom, mark matthews abc 7 news. >> more to bring you. more coming up tonight. if you
9:47 pm
ever shoot trash as if it were a basketball. you have the gar pwaj badge can for you. we have that story as 7 news at 9 continues. that was 3 points continues. that was 3 points by theíáf-
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>> well take a look at the month old pig let from florida. he was born without the use of his back legs and wasn't given much of a chance to live until a veterinarian stepped in. pig let can now get around thanks to custom built wheelchair as you can see. made out of wheels from toy set and yes the pig is a massive hit on you tube. looks like a happy little guy. pretty cute too. all right one last check on the weather. in0vaivt. >> nice story. weather picture renice as well. live doppler 7 hd mostly clear 68 over the bay area right now. not a cloud
9:51 pm
seen anywhere. 3 day weekend coming up. monday president's day thinking of going out to lake tahoe. this is the weather sunny sky through the 3 day period no snow in sight. on the ground but none falling. high state weighed tomorrow upped sunny skies. nice mild 70's most parts of the state that includes the bay area with high in the upper 60's to just before 70 tomorrow. another mild day much like today. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. start cooling now by if you grease on sunday. still quite pleasant and a little bit cooler still on monday and rain comes monday tonight into tuesday so wet weather and the cool weather will be back here winter lack pattern for us. >> thanks very much. >> well if you lake to toss paper into trash cans ant and aren't particularly good at it. engineer has solution. here's the deal. he designed what he calls a trash can that moves the can so it falls right into place. works using motion sensing camera. how cool is
9:52 pm
that. he won excellence award for oyn vegas at the japan median art festival. it's not perfect it does miss sometimes but not too bad. he says he's training to perfect it. >> that's awesome. >> pretty cool. >> that's clever. >> right hand left hand or finger roll. fencinger roll? about. >> very nice. >> sports director larry is here. that's expensive. >> the very sensitive. sharks they need similar did he advice rate now to move the net around because they can't put the puck in the net. that's the blackhawk did to the losing streak continues.
9:53 pm
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available for i-phone i-pad an destroyed and kindle fire. oscar coming up in one week. coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. unraveling of fake navy seal. real navy seal who helped expose an imposter. tonight exclusive i team investigation unbelievable tal tale. and cruise ship craze. northern california woman who was on board the disabled ship arrived back here just moments ago. you hear her story. more coming up at 11 over on channel 7. both fascinating pieces. larry on the shark with the road. >> name of the boat the triump triumph. that's what the sharks are looking for. eternally. what's going on. >> won 7 games in jap. 7 and o. so far in february o and 7. scoring woe continue tonight in chicago. captain joe thornton doesn't fight off he was asking for the it. he got them after shark came up empty on 4 minute power play dave beats out and 1 nothing blackhawk. krueger flip from
9:57 pm
the neutral zone off the post and knock in the rebound. we call that a soft goal in the business. it's a killer for the sharking. chicago they have not a loss. game in regulation here. this season. tim kennedy. get the sharks on the board first goal for the men in teal. third period now 3-1. nicholas with a rocket. top shelf. sharks drop the seventh in a row. 4-1 the final. fear the buried thanks to brian wilson. could be an a's catch phrase check out jos josh. fan fest. looks like the tom hanks character in cast away or grizzly adam. off season a friendly also competition to see who could grow the longest facial hair. i think we know who the champion is. >> i have been told i have been declared the winner among my peer and i think cocoa has accepted his loss and trimmed his up. >> i don't know whether it brings to the table. it will
9:58 pm
slow me down on base pass and out field. matter of combing it did you know and let the wind run through it. >> get rid of that. giants pitchers catchers reported camp tuesday. rest of the squad joins him today. team worked hard first management was concerned to bring back familiar face was the world series winning team and bruce believes familiarity is an advantage early this son. >> preparation much easier when you take away the unknown factor as we say but we have a couple spots open. we'll keep it competitive here. fair to say we are set as we have been in recent years. >> last year chris was in deducted into the basketball ball hall of fame. this year former teammate might just join him here. in golden state for 3 seasons and then traded richmond to sacramento. in terrible deal but any way 2 of the 12 finalist in the hall of fame class 2013. new inductee to be announced during final 4
9:59 pm
weekend in april. peyton also one of the finalist remember him from as many years with the sonic. championship with miami in 2000 sick. all star game sunday in huh stop. rising stars game warriors barns and thompson on team shaq. 10 of 3 and he had 40 points mvp of the gain. rubio check out this move between the lights on the assist 2. rubio for steal. high and mighty. oh, yes. high and mighty. that's my cousin. bradley biel of the wizard. we have similar genetic. clay thompson had 11. on the loosened as team chuck 163-195. high and mighty. cal taking on no. 16 ucla. first half belongs to the bears. to brandon who works for 2 of the 14. boyd also with 14 points

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